This is Social Networking

And then I gave in.
I gave in and I started another blog. And I am rather excited about it. Truth. So excited I am celebrating with homemade choclate chip cookies and a glass of milk. I’m twenty-five and it’s a Friday night. Here is what I am considering today.

I’m in an MFA program for creative writing. Recently my program was ranked in the top 50 in the country by Poets&Writers magazine. But I state that fact merely for bragging rights. Now we are honest and up front with each other. Now you will trust me. Trust me enough to house sit, or walk your puppy, or lending me money…
At the end of the MFA program, if you are in it for fiction or nonfiction, you have to produce a 150 page manuscript. That can be 150 pages of short stories. 150 pages of a novel in progress. 150 pages of a collection of essays. Or 150 pages of a nonfiction book. But I am also easily distracted by things. Like the Internet. Especially when the Internet distracts with images like the following:


I started to think about those rumors I had heard a while back that a third Ghostbusters was on the way. And that is when a piss poor idea came to me; why not write 150 script for my MFA. That script? Ghostbusters III. And the fledgling premise? Simple. The original team is older. As the film opens we see the team out of breath as they head into a haunted location (museum, warehouse, Philadelphia) and they are just to winded and the specter escapes them. Depressed the Ghostbusters head back to their station house where they discuss reitrement, or, training new Ghostbusters.

Cheesy? Typical? Weak? No. Because I am not adding Shia LeBouf and aliens with crystal skulls (no matter how hard you persuaded yourself to the contrary on opening day, that film sucked).

Instead the team will feature some of the best comedic actors around today. A cast the reminds me much of late 1970s SNL and 1980s Harold Ramis/Reitman films. And there is a pool to choose from. I could easily see Bill Hader and Seth Rogen being cast in the roles. Maybe even Jason Scwartzman. Suggestions, of course, but there is potential here.

So there I have it. My thesis. And honestly, how could you NOT be on an MFA thesis committee and be excited to read that?

But then I think about that novel I started. And all those short stories I have in workshops and sent out to literary magazines.
Then I remembered I know no one in Hollywood.

So I’ve started this blog. So the Internet can taunt me and I can just laugh back.


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