I Don’t Know Why I Did It…But I Changed My Twitter Handle

Not. Big. News. At. All.
And I sort of lied in the title there. I do know why I changed it. I was glad that when I started the Slow the RPM account the name was available. I was also glad when it was also available as a Twitter handle. But over the years I have been writing less and less on the Slow the RPM blog, and people asked what my Twitter handle meant. Then I would go into this long disertation about why I had chosen Slow the RPM, how it was a music blog, how I started it in college while writing a music column.

What happened was, slowtherpm didn’t sync with Craig.

Then I started this blog/website and thought, well, as a writing this is what I am writing. I started working on this page more and more and eventually Slow the RPM went on an indefinite hiatus. But I’m not that original in the name. If you search around, there are other writers who name their websites, blogs, Twitters, and what not so n’ so is writing. It’s cute. It’s clever. I get it. But if I could’ve added one more character I would’ve been able to use my full name as a twitter handle, making this all nice and clear and easy. I didn’t feel comfortable adding numbers after the name either.
This isn’t AIM.
Nor did I want to add underscores to my name. That’s a bitch to type and like any attention seeking Internet dweller, I didn’t want people to not @mention me because adding in underscores was a pain in the ass.

Anyways, I am sure the gods that make social networking a reality have something set in place to automatically transfer your follows from slowtherpm to craigiswriting.

Ok, this is it. Go update your status or reheat your leftovers.


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