The past two weeks came and went. Christmas and New Years are over (happy New Year by the way). I can’t lie to you right now: I am cooking chicken nuggets in the oven for lunch (fear not, they are organic).

Since my post in October many things have come to pass. The first being I completed my M.F.A in creative writing at the University of New Hampshire. It was bittersweet, but now it feels as though a weight has most definitely been lifted my shoulders.

At least it did for a week or two.

See, now I am on my own. I am my only motivator to keep writing and submitting and slogging through the rejections. I am back to being both a writer and an editor. And that is just the fiction side of things. I also am searching in earnest to find a job either with a paper or magazine to build up that resume – if you would like, please ask for resume and clips, please – and I am ramping up with my friend Tommy to make Stress! Anxiety! & Uncertainty! a greater reality.

Yes, a long two weeks indeed.

I will sale there are many wonderful things keeping me sane. One of them being The Hunger Games trilogy. I am well into the second book already. I was skeptical at first about reading these. They are, after all, meant for younger readers but that might just be the M.F.A talking. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I have missed meals reading and a quick bout with a flu-like sickness strapped me under a blanket on the couch book in hand. I am fully involved with these characters.

Seriously. Look how far down the rabbit hole I am.

Yes, I read the Harry Potter series, but I was of the targeted age group when the books first made a scene in literature. My hope was that books such as The Hunger Games wouldn’t dumb down real issues for its readers. The books do not. In fact, though there are times when dialogue seems forced and paragraphs fall prey to over-explanation, on a whole the series is good and worth the read. And you’ll especially want to start reading now, the film comes out in March.


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