The Return of Slow the RPM

I revamped and re-opened my music blog from a few years back. It’s call Slow the RPM and you can click the picture above to link of to it. While there you will find links to like it on Facebook and follow the blog in its Tumblr form if you so choose.I also re-opened my Last.FM account which you can link to off my Tumblr page.

Are we still using that?

I thought I had all but abandoned Slow the RPM. I have a history with music journalism. I have interviewed Henry Rollins, Gym Class Heroes, The Starting Line and a plethora of local bands. I also wrote album reviews. When I was an undergraduate I even had a little music column in the school newspaper. Recently I interviewed at a music magazine. It was a fantastic interview in the burgeoning alternative music scene in Portland, Maine. We talked about Slow the RPM and I remembered how much I enjoyed blogging about music and music culture. What I didn’t forget about is my album collection (CDs and vinyl) that is still ever-expanding and that I am passionately in love with.

Unlike music blogs that tell you what to listen to, or those that only exist to hyper musicians/bands – either good or bad – I just write about music. I write about music’s effect on me and people and about music culture. Agree or disagree with me, it’s all good. That’s the point.

So click that pic.


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