Where We Go Isn’t A Secret

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Sometimes I start blogs and not keep up with them. For example, the blog I am posting on now. But Where We Go Isn’t A Secret is special to me. Travel writing, in many ways, is the best form of writing. It is molded and shaped by any medium: journalism, memoir, essay and fiction.

One of my favorite books is Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. For a first novel it is an excellent introduction to the writer so many revere. It is also a fine example of travel writing; American-expats moving through Paris and Spain exploring new cultures and their own inner conflicts.

I’m far from Hemingway’s expertise with the craft of writing, but I push forward.

Travel writing is more than a list of Top 10 Beaches, or a guide of where you can spend the most money. It’s a narrative. A snapshot of a culture at a certain place and time. Travel writing can happen anywhere: Chicago, hiking the Appalachians, Antwerp, the bus ride to work or your own backyard.

Over the next few days I hope to get the blog at 100% with a few more posts and a clean-looking website.
Check it out.



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